Practise, Practise, Practise!

What does your Pilates Practise mean to you?

Now most of our clients will know that ALL of our Everybody Pilates Teachers are slighty obsessed with Pilates. But what made us fall in love with it so much that we wanted to teach it?

Stage 1 of Pilates Development – oh Pilates is easy! Well i added Pilates into my gym routine initially. I was happy to get on the treadmill 5 times a week, work-up a sweat and finish it off with that nice relaxing Pilates class (stage 1 of Pilates development – oh Pilates is easy!). At this time back pain had been the norm for me for well over 10 years – every morning it would wake me up and as soon as i got moving it generally eased off. So with a little more pilates and a little less gym-work the back pain started to disappear and i was enjoying the way my body was beginning to feel.

Stage 2 of Pilates Development – obsess so much that i want to teach it. I started to look for courses and enrolled on a matwork course. A year or so later i qualified and began teaching. I really had no idea about what i was doing at this stage and if i managed to get a group of people all doing the same movement at the same time at least ONCE in a class i had achieved something.

Stage 3 of Pilates Development – Help – i have no idea what i am doing!! At this stage i realise like most teachers i have no clue really about Pilates and need to do more training. I begin to notice other teachers that were much stronger than me and questioned whether Pilates could actually give you the long lean look that so many people seek. Being blessed with those Kellow thighs at an early age (I actually remember being told I had the Kellow thighs as a youngster!) I really wasn’t so sure about these long and lean rumours.

Stage 4 of Pilates Development – actually discovering Real/Classical/Authentic Pilates. The rumours were true!! You can change your body with Pilates. This is where the real practise takes hold and training and discovering new connections/strengths become the norm. The stage where as teachers we fall in love with Pilates all over again. (sometimes we fall out of love but only cos our bodies change and we have to understand it all over again!)

Stage 5 of Pilates Development – teach, teach, teach. Here we become obsessed with the teaching. We try to make all of our clients get as strong as we can. You really have no idea how satisfying it is to see all of those connections in action. We see you get strong and develop more confidence.  Secretly we get a little bit jealous of how good you’ve become.

Stage 6 – best get back to the practise! It’s often been said you can only teach Pilates if you feel Pilates. The secret to me knowing what is happening in your body is because i felt it too at some stage. That’s why as teachers we will all see something slighty different and as clients you will feel that one instructor understands you more than another.

But the underlying single process in all of this is to continue to practise. Even when that first workout after a week off is hard to achieve, or you are tired from a long day at work.

Practise, Practise, Practise

(dedicated to Carol and Laura for their ongoing grammatical support in the written word – please feel free to mark my homework)

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