The Power of Connecting

I have been very fortunate to meet Pilates Teachers and Friends from around the world. When i first started my studies with Jay Grimes ( the distance was challenging. I survived with my weekly Skype lessons with Karen Frischmann. It allowed me to stay connected with the programme and work on me, my body and my issues! Now i take my lessons with Andrea Maida and i LOVE these hours (
I am a huge fan of Skype lessons – there is no way i would understand what i do about my body without them. There is certainly a different approach with the lessons – often you have to hone in on one particular movement pattern or feeling and stick with it. Which is great as it focuses your mind and body.
I Love teaching Skype lessons as well …..
The will power in Motion with Amy Kellow by Luz A Lovern

To be with Amy Kellow as a Classical Pilates Teacher by my side at this present time, is a great opportunity to work again and bring back my confident and will power in motion; she help me every time with positive feed back and then my mind and body coming in one unit; Amy have the special eyes to see how I am feeling today.

Amy is helping me to detoxified my own Pilates Path

She take the time to know what exactly happened with me almost 2 years ago when I was without movement, numbness and pain after to have Anterior Cervical Spine with diseconomy and Implant; at the present I have 8 screws that supporting my cervical spine and my new bones (C4, C5 and C7) 

I have 3 session a week with Amy via Skype, She is teaching me all over again… and I am very fortunate to start all over again; not matter what happen to us or how painful could be the experience;  we need please keep moving and have a good loving kindness teacher at your side.  

I believe! 

I am a Yoga from my 18 years old, and Pilates Teacher; I am a woman and I have the opportunity to keep teaching and moving with freedom; fearless and present.   Thanks To Amy for our lesson via Skype and not matter how tired I can be after teaching in my own Studio; waiting for Amy made my heart smile and after each session feeling like a kid again.

Luz A. Lovern 

Spiritual Fitness, Mending the Body and Mind
Owner of LuzLife Private Studio

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