Everybody Pilates Teacher Feature – We Love Her – Its Kerry Courtnell !!!

We love her and you love her its Kerry Courtnell – Senior Instructor at Everybody Pilates

The Bio Bit ……………..

I started doing Pilates when I was at college every day from a DVD, I then went to university to study dance and continued (sort of?!) my Pilates practice as part of the fitness element in my degree.

Coming back to Portsmouth I found the Everybody Pilates Studio – I was hooked. Doing Classical Pilates changed my body, I lost 3 stone in weight, and have a much better outlook on life.

I went into further education studying a PGCE in Dance and started a career in teaching dance at secondary school. Whilst teaching I continued with my Pilates practice, I left teaching two years ago to become part of the Everybody Pilate’s team! – I’ve never looked back!

1. What do you love about Pilates?

Anyone can do it, and everyone will achieve results! (Even my husband).

kerry wedding

There’s no end! Everybody is different, everyday your own body is different – sometimes every lesson is like you’ve started all over again, which can be frustrating – but that’s why we do Pilates!

Being a stickler for technique (coming from a dance background), and I love that in Pilates quality is over quantity–There is no half ass way of doing Pilates.  Constant focus on form and alignment teaches you to work in a balanced way, which in turn extends to everyday life – improving efficiency of movement. I must say that I ride my bike very well these days.

Oh … how could I forget…I love to sweat! How do people not sweat when doing Pilates? – oh yeah “if it’s easy it’s not Pilates!” (And therefore that means not sweating!).

2. What’s the biggest lesson practicing Pilates has taught you?

I love to learn, Pilates both teaches my body and brain, and in turn I can then teach more proficiently. It is definitely not boring – although you practice the same routine in both the mat and the reformer, there is always a new connection to find! – Inevitably Amy will throw in a bonkers exercise too! (But we all love a treat, especially a backbend for me! yes please).

3. What would you say to someone who’s never tried Pilates?

DO IT! NOW! Don’t wait. The majority of my clients always say I wish I had done this earlier!

It is hard both mentally – especially that very first lesson (maybe 5?!) – And physically, but it definitely works!

So what are you waiting for?

4. What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?

Ooh tough one… I know what I don’t like (high scissors and high bicycle), and I know that means I should do them more!

I like control balance on/off on the reformer because I get to feel like a gymnast (I think it’s as close to a flip as I will ever get!!) but also close to contemporary dance my love of rolling around on the floor comes flooding back to me when I do this exercise.

But, I’m with Russ – teasers!  But for me I’m happy to do them anywhere. You feel super connected when you nail it, and there are variations like you wouldn’t believe. I also like to see people achieving their teasers!

Join Kerry in the studio Mondays – Thursdays for Classes and Private Lessons!!

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