Stronger Bodies – Stronger Business – Stronger Together

So finally we did it!

Our first Franchise has opened its doors and we welcome Becky Thijm and Everybody Pilates Stourbridge to the family!

To say we were excited was an understatement – I have worked with Becky over the last few years watching her grow as a teacher and embrace the Everybody Pilates Ethos. It seemed a natural progression to have Becky join us at the beginning of this franchise adventure.

So why Franchises?

Many of you will know i have been training Pilates enthusiasts to become Pilates Teachers for a number of years now. I love training people – seeing the progress of bodies and minds through the whole process and beyond is a unique experience. An experience that we wanted to develop further. When I first opened my studio I was the only teacher. I was constantly looking for a way to become part of a bigger community and gain support from my peers. I took workshop after workshop and ultimately travelled to LA to work with Pilates Elder Jay Grimes. When I had finished my training I realised that I now had the knowledge of years of study but I would always be seeking to be part of a Pilates community.

Here is where the Franchise comes in!

Everybody Pilates is creating its own family of Pilates Studio owners and teachers. Our vision is to create a community of studios supported in its business as well as its teaching.


Everybody Pilates will train as many teachers as you need in our comprehensive training programme. A complete Classical Pilates Training System that not only develops amazing teachers but provides them with the teaching skills to support a busy studio. All of our teachers will work towards a common goal of building stronger bodies. And there is no extra cost to this – its all included. No more saving for those conventions or workshops – we will bring them to you!892A6387


With our support network we develop successful productive studios. We know what it takes to run a studio and we LOVE seeing businesses grow. Its the exciting part!  Whether its business seminars, marketing initiatives or open days we are there to support you and your business.



Its no surprise that a family of studios will grow together and can help shape its own future. Having support from a community that learn together is invaluable. We are so excited about growing our family of studios.


We would love to hear from people who are interested in opening their own business and joining our growing family of studios. I am always available to chat to and if you would like to schedule a call to discuss the possiblities please just drop me an email – or call 02392 833876

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