Try this delicious Energy Smoothie – Recipe by Becky from our Stourbridge Studio

Say hi to Becky from our Stourbrdge Studio – not only do we love her Pilates teaching we also love her recipes!!
Find out how we all have so much energy with this delicious energy smoothie.
Why not take a picture of your finished smoothie and tag us in it!!
Energy Smoothie – aka Data-ade
Adapted from a recipe by “Freelee the Banana Girl”
5 – 6 Medjool dates
500 ml Coconut water
1-3 Ripe bananas
Natural essence drops eg peppermint, vanilla
1.       Remove the stones from the dates and put the dates into a blender with the coconut water. If using bananas and/or the essence drops then add these as well.
2.       Blend until smooth. If it’s too thick for you add more water until your preferred consistency is achieved.
NB: Its very sweet so will stave off sugar cravings but because it’s all natural sugar and you have the fibre from the dates (and banana if you’re using) you won’t get the sugar drop that you do from chocolate.


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