Everybody Pilates – Exercise of the Month!!

Introducing The Hundred!

In the very first of our Exercise of the Month Specials we introduce you to The Hundred.

We start all Pilates Mat Classes with the Hundred. Its designed to get you warm – to wake up those muscles and set you up for the rest of your workout. Love it or hate its integral in ensuring you have a good class. 

As a beginner the Hundred is a challenging exercise. Its the first time that you have to learn to hold your head and legs up with your abdominals!  IMG_3099

As you progress from beginner to intermediate we challenge you by lowering the legs meaning you have to work harder to stabilise.

As an Advanced student The Hundred is there to focus your mind and get you straight into your workout! We even challenge you by getting you to lift your legs from the floor!


The Hundred on the Mat

Level: Beginner all the way through to Advanced

Reps: 100 pumps of the arms

Why: The hundred is your first exercise on the mat! Its designed to warm you up and get the blood flowing.

Raise the legs up to make it easier and lower the legs to challenge yourself.

#thehundred #everybodypilates #followmyleader

Remember to keep an eye out for all of our studios facebook pages for exercise of the month. You will see all of us doing the Hundred!

Everybody Pilates – Stourbridge ….. Everybody Pilates – Belfast …..Everybody Pilates – Southsea




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