Everybody Pilates – Exercise of the Month – The Roll Up


Introducing The Roll Up!!

We introduced you to the Hundred in our first exercise of the month and what better way to follow it up with the Roll Up!


The Roll Up follows the Hundred in the matwork. It is designed to strengthen the abdominals and stretch the entire back-chain of the body.

As a beginner the Roll Up can be a tough one! It is often a real test of abdominal strength and flexibility of the spine.  Its the first time we test your mobility of your back.


As a beginner we may start you off rolling down to the floor rather than doing a full roll-up. You may even need to use some hand-weights to help you roll up.

As an Advanced student The Roll Up is there to create flow and warm up the spine ready for the Roll-Over.


The Roll Up

Level: Beginner all the way through to Advanced

Reps: 5 Full Roll Ups

Why: The roll up strengthens the abdominals and stretches the back.

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Remember to keep an eye out for all of our studios facebook pages for exercise of the month. You will see all of us doing the Roll Up.

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